Quality of Products

Each product in our catalogue goes through an extensive and thorough quality check at every stage of manufacturing. At various stages, the rigorous quality check ensures that the product delivered at your doorstep is best in terms of quality and service. The various steps involved include:

  • Visual inspection of raw material to check whether it is as per the CAD design sketches and aesthetic. We look for the defects related to dimensions, discoloration, finishing, scratches, wrapping or any other visual imperfections.

  • Pre-production Inspection – Thorough inspection of machines used at various stages of production for cutting, fabricating, polishing, etc. to rule out any malfunction, defects, or part damage.

  • During Production Inspection – Maintaining product quality during the production phase to look out for deviation, if any. It also includes random sampling of semi-finished products.

  • Piece-by-piece Inspection – It includes pre and post packaging product inspection to manage and maintain the quality of the final product and to eliminate the manufacturing defects.

  • Pre-shipment Inspection – Based on the standard AQL (Acceptable Quality Limits), the inspection is done as per the specifications of the product. It is done after the products are completely manufactured and are ready to be shipped.

  • Loading/Unloading Supervision – It includes the close monitoring of loading and unloading of the final products right from the manufacturing plant to the designated location. It ensures professional handling of the parcel for safe arrival at the customers’ doorstep.


Product Care

Once the product is delivered, kindly avoid dragging the heavy furniture on the floor as this might damage the frame of the product.

In case the product is heavy, and you are unable to shift it on your own, kindly reach out to our customer care team and we will send our expert who will help in shifting the product from one place to another.