Privacy Policy

At Stepearly, the privacy of customers is our highest priority. The information we collect from our user(s) or visitor(s) to our website is not shared with any other sources under any circumstances. We respect the trust our user(s) put on us.

Note: The privacy policy of our website is subject to change periodically without any prior notice. Hence, it is suggested to regularly keep a check on the changes made in the policies. Also, this policy is not applicable on our business partners, third party sources or our affiliates, thus before interacting with them, kindly read their respective privacy policy.

Information that we collect:

The information that Stepearly collects from its user(s) or visitor(s) or the information that our user(s) / visitor(s) provide(s) us include:

1. Contact details which include name, email address, contact number, shipping, and billing address.
2. Information relating to the transactions (sale or purchase) made on the website such as tax registration, previous orders, payment history, date of transaction, etc.
3. Information collected from the online surveys (optional) conducted by us on our website. This information may include the demographic details such as gender, income, age alongside the preferences of our customers for our products and services.
4. Cookies that helps in providing our customers a tailormade result based on their past searches, likes, or the pages they visited on our website. At any point of time you can enable cookies block feature in your browser.
5. Information pertaining your session within the website which include your navigation on various pages, IP address, source of traffic, operating system, operating device, browser type and language, date and time of operation, etc.
6. Sign in information of third party websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

        How we use the information collected?

        The information that Stepearly collects from its user(s) or visitor(s) is solely used to deliver them customized search and services. Under no circumstances we sell, share, or rent this information to third parties. However, our business partners, affiliates or subsidiaries involved in the process may use this information in delivering the product or service to our customers.

        We use this information in understanding the customer behaviour, which in turn helps us to deliver a better website experience to our end users. We may also amalgamate our user(s)’ demographical and statistical data for our various marketing and business activities.

        We will use this information to inform you about various deals, offers, new products’ launch, etc. based on your past orders and searches. This information may also be used for some informational and promotional content being promoted on our website alongside some customized offers post 6 months of session with Stepearly.

        Information such as IP address, operating system, traffic sources, et al is used to calculate the overall performance of our website in terms of time spent by visitor(s), pages explored, user engagement, total number of visits, etc.

        This information will also be used in case of any legal disputes or processes, troubleshoot issues, fraud or illegal activities, to prevent the violation of rights of general public or third-party websites or any abuse of our services.

        At any point of time, the customers may choose to opt out from our non-essential or promotional emails or messages.

        Kindly note that all the user(s) information gathered by Stepearly will need to be shared with other business partners in case of acquisitions or merger.


        We at Stepearly use secure server software (SSL) encryption to keep all our user(s)’ information safe and secure and to guard the data from any unauthorized access. However, keeping in view the sensitivity of the transmission of information over internet, we cannot guarantee the protection to the information our user(s) shared with us during its transmission to our website. Once the information is received at our end, our high-end security features will ensure the safety of your data and will also prevent it from any unauthorized access.

        By continuing to our services or to our website, you agree to our privacy policy and agree, understand, and acknowledge the collection, storage and usage of your personal information by us.

        At any point of time, if you have any query regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us at